About Us

Sam Garbett

Web Developer

Sam discovered his love for small businesses early into his career in the IT industry. Having worked in a huge range of fields, from Office 365 support to programming and software development, his skills extend beyond that of most web designers. Ecommerce, membership-based websites, and other complex projects are no problem. In fact, Sam always relishes in the challenges small companies are able to present.

Luke Wickett

Graphic Designer

Luke Wickett: Having spent a huge portion of his early life with a pencil glued to his hand and a piece of paper in front of him, Luke has a great deal of experience when it comes to making things look good. He has long since shifted his focus towards digital graphics, but his work still retains a handcrafted feel which always shows the love and care which has gone into it. Need a logo, piece of artwork, or anything in between? No worries; Luke has you covered.

Joseph Carter

Marketing Consultant

With a strong background in ethics and philosophy, Joe has a lot of qualities which are typically lacking in marketing experts. This gives him the ability to take a unique approach to your project, building campaigns based around the way that people actually work, rather than relying on archaic methods which don’t suit the modern age. The scope of Joe’s work covers anything from social media and branding, to traditional advertising and lead generation.